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When to See an Infertility Specialist?

Having a family is a dream come true, and in today's world, couples are too pre-occupied When-to-See-a-Infertility-Specialistbeing ambitious, its good to be ambitious, but then when you suddenly realize you & your partner want to settle down and have family, you start trying and which much effort and persistence , it is then you realize that something is wrong , and you & your partner focus on seeing an infertility specialist , as you have tried for over 6 months and nothing has happened, even though you are both healthy adults.Here is the best time you have chosen to come to right place at the right time , and get in touch with the right people at ARC center.


There may be a number of reasons as a couple why it is difficult to get pregnant. It could be age, either you our your partner, low sperm count, thyroid, obesity , poly cystic ovary disease, nevertheless it does not mean that you cannot conceive, it is just that there are ways and means by which getting pregnant becomes a challenge, therefore it is not only the women who face problems conceiving , it could also be the spouse(men) who have issues , so it is very important as a couple that together you see a fertility specialist.

Problems in men(smoking alcohol, having hot showers, also obesity) these could be avoided if men try to stop or quit. If stopped it can help to improve the sperm quality and quantity. It is equally important for women also to take necessary precautions , especially in keeping their weight under control.

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