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Reproduction is inevitable for the propagation of life on earth. Cultures and traditions get carried on through the successors. Emotionally also, it is the desire of almost all the childless couples to have a child. For successfully conceiving a baby, certain aspects have to be seriously considered.

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Many couples are doubtful regarding the appropriate time for conceiving. The likelihood of conception is dependent on various factors like the sperm count, sperm and egg life span. It is possible for the sperm to live in the female body for almost 2-3 days. The egg cell, on the other hand, survives for only about 12-24 hours. The exact time of survival varies individually. Since ovulation is period during which the egg cell is released, there are maximum chances of getting pregnant if the sexual intercourse in performed during this time. Therefore, it would be appropriate for the sperms to be present inside the female body during the time when the egg is released.

The period during which the woman ovulates is dependent on the length of the menstrual period. A woman ovulates 2 weeks before the next menses. Generally, it is found that ovulation shall take place half way through the menses. For example for a 28 day cycle, there is maximum probability for ovulation to take place in the 14th day. In contrast, ovulation shall take place only in the 17th day for a 35 day long menses.

Some women sense the ovulation through various symptoms. However, the phenomenon goes unnoticed in a considerable number of women. The following symptoms, if observed during the mid-menses period, can indicate that she is ovulating:

  • Tenderness in the both breasts.
  • Increased discharge from the vagina. There may be traces of white egg type fluid in the discharge.
  • Abdominal discomfort.
  • Increase in the Basal Body Temperature (BBT). An approximate idea about the ovulation period can be obtained if BBT is measured during the menstrual period.

For the successful formation of embryo, both sperm and egg is to have the required quality. Sperm mobility is also another factor that plays an important role in successful fertilization. These factors can be conveniently performed in a laboratory. Tests are also available to determine if the woman is pregnant. Endometrial Receptivity Array (ERA) analysis is one of such methods.


The uterine cavity is lined by a mucosal lining known as the endometrium. The endometrium becomes active during pregnancy. This tissue stretch is responsible for the sustenance of embryo after in the post-fertilization period. The condition in which the lining becomes capable of sustaining the embryo is referred to as ‘Endometrial receptivity’. Such a condition usually occurs during the 21st day of the menstrual cycle. ERA analysis is the test conducted to detect whether embryo is successfully implanted or not. It clearly indicates whether fertilization has become successful. This analysis is performed in the molecular level.


The procedure begins with a clinical biopsy, where in a tissue sample is scrapped from the endometrium. This is performed either by using a curette or pipelle. The sample is then kept in a cryo tube for cooling this to a certain stipulated temperature. This is kept in refrigeration for almost 4hours. After this time period, RNA (Ribo Nucleic Acid) is extracted from the sample. The cooling is done so that the RNA can be isolated easily. The RNA is then placed the microarray. Quantification of the entire 238 genes is then performed. Endometrial receptivity can be detected through this process.

There are several myths that surround this topic. One of the prominent myths is regarding the sex position. There is a myth that pregnancy can be attained only in certain sex positions. However, this is not true. Any convenient position is sufficient for pregnancy to happen. Another myth is concerning oral sex. There are many people who believe that pregnancy can be attained through oral sex. This is also false. However, there are high chances for the propagation of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). Excluding these, there are also other misconceptions regarding the time for getting pregnant. It is very much necessary to become aware about the medical aspects before attempting to get pregnant. To become pregnant is indeed very easy as long as you can enjoy the pleasure of a healthy sex!

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