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Weight Gain

Weight gain during pregnancy is a natural phenomenon. It is also important to keep in mind not to gain too much. With regards to weigh gain there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind.

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Weight Gain During Pregnancy

  1. If you are over weight while you are pregnant, you can have serious issues you can suffer from hemorrhoids,varicose veins, stretch marks indigestion fatigue and lower back pain, you can also develop diabetes
  2. If you are over weight before you pregnancy, you should make sure that you keep your weight down, and if you are under weight see that you put on the required amount of weight , check with your GP for further advice
  3. Keep control of your weight by weighing yourself regularize and keeping your GP informed on the progress . In case you tend to over eat
  4. Eat healthy low fat meals full of vitamins & nutrients , approximately around 300calories you can check with your physician and keep a tab of it
  5. Exercise regularly , go for walks do light yoga doing household chores are a good way of exercising

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