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Varicocele treatments

Varicocele is a correctable medical condition. Multiple treatments are available & best is microscopic sub inguinal approach in indicated men. Dr.Saravanan Lakshmanan - Andrologist & Sexologist from ARC Fertility Centres, Chennai, India says the incidence of infertility is increased to 5-6 folds in the last 1 decade. The major contributions come from male infertility. A recent research says men contribute to 40% of overall infertility. This is rising rapidly. Why men have increasing incidences?  Excessive use of electronic gadgets, working in heat environment, smoking, alcohol, junk foods. Also restricted physical activity, sleeplessness, increased stress, change in sleep time seen in more IT professionals which disturb the biological rhythm.  Wearing tight,  less aerated garments like jeans is not suitable to our tropical climate like India and can reduce the cooloing effect in testis. Global warming, rapid rise in environmental pollution, reduced quality in food & water and long travel in 2 wheelers also contributes to male sub fertilityVaricocele treatments

How to treat varicocele?

Some of the men with such defects have normal semen function. No treatment is required and we suggest them to achieve fatherhood at the earliest, considering the future course of this ailment. For men with abnormal semen parameters, since it is an anatomical defect, it needs a surgical correction.


There are many surgical procedures to correct varicocele. Laparoscopic approach is not recommended due to chances of harming the neighbourhood structures during the procedure. The evidence based recommended procedure is microscopic, sub inguinal open method. It is a safe and minor procedure done under sedation.


The patient is discharged on the same day. This procedure has very minimal bleeding and the patient can resume to routine activities and work after 24 hours.

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