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Tubal Blocks / Diseases

Tubal recannalization / High success @ ARC

This can be treated by Hystero Laparascopy and subsequently get high success in natural fertilization / IUI conception.

We always ensure to plan any surgery / procedure, only when their is an absolute indication and the procedure has definite outcome.

 We have shared a you tube video below on how this procedure is performed and related speech by Dr.Mahalakshmi Saravanan

Procedure details

1) Day care procedure ( 1 day stay is sufficient,)

2) Advantages of this procedure

a) Immediate recovery to routine activities

b) Resume to work in 24 hours

c) Painless procedure

d) Very minimal bleeding

e) Key hole procedure

f) Post procedure high chances of natural conception / IUI

How to undergo the procedure and costs

a) Procedure can be planned between 5-10th day of your cycle. U should report 8-12 hrs before the procedure. If U are planning to undergo the procedure, mail to MD@arcfertility.in with all ur details and travel plans.

b) Package is Rs 50-55000 ( The package includes Hystero Laparascopy procedure, Surgeon, Assistant Surgeon, Anesthetist, OT charges, Room stay (Deluxe room for 1 day), consumables and disposables)

Fallopian tubal blocks and diseases contribute to 15-20% of female infertility. Before the advent of IVF/ ICSI, women with fallopian tubal obstruction have only one treatment option. Either correcting the tubal defects with limited medical and surgical techniques, else they will be in childless state. In the last 1 decade, with the newer medical technologies like ICSI / IVF / Hysteroscopic & Laparascopic procedures, such affected women can attain motherhood with proper medical guidance & treatments.

What causes Fallopian tubal obstruction?

  1. a) Women’s reproductive tract is closely associated with urinary bladder and rectal system, which plays a major role in eliminating the waste products of our body. Infections are more common in these systems. Hence adjacent Genital tract are more prone to develop infections from these systems.
  2. b) Their is a lack of proper awareness and poor hygiene are more seen when a women is menstruating. During menstruation, women bleeds and blood acts as a source of infections, if proper hygiene is not well maintained.
  3. c) During coitus, both the partners can develop genital infections even if one partner lacks proper hygiene.

Women with genital infections develop abdominal cramps, foul smelling white discharge, itching in genitals and painful menstruation. These infections can progress from vagina & affects the fallopian tubes via the cervix & uterus. A healthy uterine environment is needed for an embryo to become a full grown foetus, which is lacking in women with genital infections.

How to handle & treat such conditions?

Dr.Mahalakshmi Saravanan from ARC International fertility & Research Centre, says “IVF / ICSI is not the ultimate solutions in such women”. These women require adequate counselling on sexual hygiene & prevention of genital infections. She recommends medications for both partners for minimum 2-3 weeks and advises to maintain sexual abstinence during the medication period. Also she is an expert in operative Hysteroscopies/ Laparoscopies, which can completely clear the blocks in deserving women and yields natural pregnancy. Some women with such ailments can develop recurrence of infections and ends in less successful IVF cycles. She performs a tubal clipping after a detailed counselling, about its pros & corns and then subjects the women to IVF which yields higher success rates

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