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Trouble Getting Pregnant?

The way your body, works, regular periods,Trouble Getting Pregnantor irregular periods , have sexual relations at different intervals, taking everything into consideration,nevertheless you may still find it a difficult to conceive and trouble getting pregnant. Try not to worry ! We at, ARC together with our specialists will help to make it happen.

There are certain factors , that can lead to difficulty in getting pregnant

  • Irregular periods

    Hormones can play a very vital part , as they regulate the menstrual cycle, this can lead to irregular periods, irrespective of various medication under the doctor's supervision. Irregular periods can mean that ovulation is not taking place every month( the medical term is an-ovulation)
  • Medical conditions

    Certain Medical conditions also lead to infertility, some of them are:Polycystic ovary syndrome, Hughes syndrome, thyroid disorders, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and blocked fallopian tubes (often caused by chlamydia) are some of the disorders that mean you may have problems getting pregnant.
  • Implantation

    Fertilization takes place sometimes, but the egg does not get itself implanted in the womb securely, and is lost in the next period , this can link to the length of your luteal phase.
  • Age

    Age plays a very important factor , if you are trying to get pregnant, and the older you get the chances are a very minimal, there are certain cases where it has proved positive also that women above the age of 35 have successfully conceived.

  • Sperm
    The chances of greeting pregnant also depends, on the quality & quantity of your partner's sperm. Sperm count can be affected , if you have certain untreated sexually transmitted infections, like smoking, drinking, drugs,mumps infections to the testicles, excessive heat eg. (such as hot baths).

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