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Recurrent Abortion Due to Cervical Incompetence

A weak cervix can complicate the process of giving birth. Medically this is referred to as cervical incompetence. During the initial stages of pregnancy, problems may not be experienced. As the fetus grows, more pressure will be exerted on the cervix. This can lead to the widening and shortening of the cervix. A history of spontaneous abortion or multiple miscarriages can indicate cervical incompetence. An ultrasound scan in early pregnancy will be of help in identifying the cervical strength.

Best Treatment Centre for Recurrent Abortion in Chennai

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If the cervical os is not competent, CERVICAL ENCIRCLAGE is performed in early 1st trimester to prevent abortions. When the women comes in active labor pain, the stitch is removed and the women is allowed to undergo vaginal delivery

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