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Surgeries in Sexual Disorders

Sexual disorder is the difficulty or lack of interest experienced by an individual or a couple in any stage of sexual intercourse which results in lack of desire, arousal, physical pleasure or orgasm. This condition may range from lack of desire for a specific period or lack of desire to the current partner. Sexual disorder may also start after a period of normal and happy sexual life. The various causes which create sexual disorders include decrease in production of sexual hormones such as estrogen or testosterone, old age, fatigue, psychological imbalances etc.

Previously, sexual disorders in men were known as impotence and in women it was known as frigidity. But now impotence is known by a more scientific term like erectile dysfunction. Previously, erectile dysfunction was considered as a physical condition which resulted due to some psychological imbalances. But now scientists believe that there can be physical reasons also in addition to psychological reasons for the erectile dysfunction.

These days, there are more options for a person who is facing erectile dysfunction problems. The first step in the treatment for this problem is life style changes. Regular exercise, recession in smoking, avoiding intoxication, balance food etc are the first things which the patient has to practice and see whether any improvement can be achieved. If change in life style does not improve the situation satisfactorily, then the second step of oral medication can be started. Life style changes and oral medication are considered as the first stage in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

If this does not produce any satisfactory results then only a patient need to enter the second stage of the treatment. In the second stage a vacuum erection device or penile injection therapy are used. Vacuum erection device is a device which can be connected to penis and by using it a vacuum is created inside a tube in which the penis enlarges and attains rigidness enough to have a successful intercourse.

The medical science has advanced so much that the scientists have found out injections (Alprostadil) which can be injected directly on the penis and obtain erection without the need of nervous stimuli through nerves. These drugs, if injected directly to penis produces erection within 5 to 10 minutes and the erection lasts for about 30 minutes and the erection becomes more rigid if sexual stimulation also occurs. These drugs are now available as suppositories. If this second line of treatment also fails or if the patient or the partner of the patient rejects this treatment then only the next line of treatment which is the surgical implantation of penile prosthesis is necessitated.

Penis has a pair of erection chambers known as Corpus cavern sum. In penile prostheses a pair of cylinders is implanted in both of these erection chambers. These flexible cylinders are usually made of medical grade silicon. Some of these devices are malleable. The malleable type of device can be bent down for urination purpose and its upward position can be used for intercourse. Some other devices are fluid filled devices which can be inflated for erection purpose. These tubes filled with fluid are implanted in the erection chambers and the pump connected to these tubes is implanted in the scrotum. When erection is needed the pump transfers some fluid to these tubes and when erection is no longer needed the liquid is pumped out of the tubes. This system is known as a two component system, the tubes forming the first component and the pump forming the second component. An improved version of this device is a three component version which consists of an additional fluid reservoir connected to the abdomen which can hold sufficient quantity of fluid for the purpose of the tubes and the pump.

Penile prostheses is usually done under anesthesia. Usually a small cut is made where the penis meets the abdomen or under the penis where it meets the scrotum. After this implant men may feel pain for about four weeks and it is advisable that they abstain from hard work during this period. After one month they will be able to have normal sexual activity. Studies have shown that penile prostheses is very successful technique for controlling erectile dysfunction and the failure percentage in this method is only less than 15 % in the first five years.

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