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Stem cell therapy for Endometrial development

There are currently many cases wherein pregnancy could not be achieved because of insufficient growth of endometrium. This can be due to repeated D&C, premature aging and genetic defects. Ideal endometrium favoring implantation would be 8-12 mm with a clear triple line confirmed by USG.

Stem cell therapy for Endometrial development

Stem cell therapy is a very good remedy for this problem. In this procedure, stem cells from the bone marrow are taken. The endometrial angiogenic stem cells are produced from these cells. The whole procedure almost takes about 1-2 hours. Simultaneously, uterine lining is cleaned. After cleaning, the stem cells are transplanted into the uterine cavity under strict aseptic conditions inside the Operation theatre under Local anesthesia. Sonographic techniques are used for transplantation.

Normally, an endometrial lining of excess of 6mm long can be achieved in 3 months time. This is sufficient for the patient to achieve implantation during procedures like IVF. This procedure is helpful for those who are keen in experiencing childbirth in their own womb & don't want surrogacy.

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