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Embryo Storage & Egg Banking

When an embryo(defined as an egg) is fused together with the sperm it can be fertilized . Once the embryo is matured to a certain level is can be cryopreserved (frozen) and stored at sub-zero temperatures for future use.


Oocyte Cryopreservation - Oocyte (egg) freezing is the cryopreservation (freezing) female eggs that have been retrieved directly from a woman's ovaries. These frozen embryos and eggs can be thawed years later and used in fertility treatments such as IVF.


Most couples embryos and/or eggs remain after IVF treatment. So couples decide not to discard this reproductive tissue , so they ask these banks to store them as when IVF is successful with these couples they may decide to have another child . These embryos or eggs can be thawed, and used for later date with regards to IVF. If the embryos /eggs are frozen the results are slightly lower than , fresh specimen, nevertheless couples are ready to follow this method of cyropreservation of embryos and eggs , as they have the chances of getting pregnant more than once.

Egg (oocyte) storage is very useful for women who are over the reproductive age , or who are afflicted with medical conditions. So the process of cyropreservation helps women preserve their fertility until they are ready to start a family . This advanced technology has increased the number of pregnancies , by the method of cyropreservation . In case the woman is afflicted with various disease like caner these ovarian tissues can be store and go through the process of cyropreservation in the future.

Secure Embryo & Egg Storage

We make it possible for you to store your embryos & eggs. How is it Possible? We use state-of-the-art technology including 100% vapor-phase storage techniques for your embryos and egg, at ARC. This technique eliminates any possibility of infectious disease transfer that might be possible with tanks which are liquid phase. At ARC Abhijay Hospital Permabur Chennai our laboratory storage tanks are completely independent of electricity and are monitored from time to time around-the-clock to ensure high quality and safety. For years to come your r frozen embryos or eggs can be stored.

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