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Stem Cell Banking

We at Abhijay Hospital: It has always been our goal to help patients .At Abhijay we can achieve even more. Abhijay Hospital In Permabur Chennai has the potential to radically bring about a change, in the face of how diseases are treated, so that people can lead a normal , and most importantly, higher quality life. We take a personal interest in making sure that our methodology of stem cell banking is underway towards cell therapy, which will help instead of treating diseases with drugs, we work towards treating disease with our own cells. Abhijay Hospital in Permbaur Chennai is one of the best hospital's that is uniquely positioned to capture the value of the market and become a leading player.

Abhijay Hospital Permabur,endeavors to be an integrative force in cell therapy , by the collection, storage and processing of cell units and playing a role in manufacturing, distribution and the development, and delivery of cell therapy products. We at Abhijay Hospital as a whole are well positioned to take advantage of growth in the cell therapy industry.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are developed from the body’s raw materials – cells so all other cells with specific functions are generated. In the laboratory under the right conditions in the body, stem cells divide themselves to produce more cells called daughter cells

stem cell preservation

Why Should I store My Cells In a Bank & how helpful it is for Me?

It is as important to plan your health for a better future, so that by storing your stem cells you can make use of them at your own free will if a need arises, this is regardless of your age you can collect your adult stem cells. It is the right time to do it is when you are healthy , unlikely to have stem cells already programmed for disease.

As they say health is wealth, it is very unpredictable to stay healthy, so we as adults should take this opportunity .When you are healthy it is best time to store your Adult stem cells, which can be used in the future for any further medication. The healthier cells at an healthy age , is better so that you are free from any chronic diseases, and there is a better advantage and they are healthy and there are less risks , and , have a lower likelihood of somatic mutations. As an adult your age keeps growing, so it is with your cells, and the way your cells work , so you can say that they result in a steady decline ' efficacy, efficiency and population. Collecting your cells TODAY, rather than later, ensures the storage of your "youngest" and "healthiest" possible cells.

It is important that you collect your health adult stem cells before you are afflicted with any disease, like , later we do not want to get the healthy cells infused with the bad cells , which can be damaged already. Adults with a family history of cardiac disease, diabetes, cancer, neurological diseases or autoimmune disorders should take advantage of this opportunity to protect themselves now. Most people who are diagnosed with the disease of requiring a bone marrow transplant ,find it difficult to get a healthy match.

Storing your stem cells now assures your own stem cells will be available, if needed, in the future to treat a chronic or catastrophic illness.

It has been remarkable, that there are clinics who give us the economic advantages to autologous stem cell transplantation (receiving your own stem cells) as there are no issues with immune rejection. Engraftment of h your own stem cells is faster, safer and much less costly than receiving someone else's stem cells (allogeneic). Bone -Marrow transplant has been a success , because of Stem cell-based therapies, as treatment for cancer and anemia. There has also been a rapid and fast recovery ,with the help of adult stem cell therapy in the areas of skin and wound healing, orthopedics, and in treating diseases including peripheral vascular disease, scleroderma, diabetes, congestive heart failure, myocardial infarction, and so on.



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