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What is a Sperm Bank ?

A sperm bank Is used to collect and store human sperm from a variety of donors. The actual purpose of the sperm bank is to help women become pregnant through third-party reproduction, primarily artificial insemination.

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Semen Washing & Sperm Banking

Sperm Washing: Is a procedure that is used to remove chemicals from the semen , to prevent infection in the uterus, this procedure is done prior to IUI or IVF, during this process the sperms are separated from the seminal fluid , this enhances the chances in fertilization of the sperm, and helps in infertility and immune system disorders in the male-factor. After the sperm is extracted they are inserted in the female partner at the time of ovulation, which increases her chances of getting pregnant are high through the IUI and IVF treatments.


Sperm banking is a process, where sperms are frozen under the method of cryopreservation, for many years, at a temperature of 196°C, which is stored by liquid nitrogen,by adding cyroprotectants, to protect the sperm from further damage. Men who wish to preserve their sperm , by sperm banking to retain their fertility , prior to being afflicted by any disease or doing a vasectomy.Sperm banking can also be used to help men who have problems with ejaculation or erection, or other medical disorders. Sperm which is frozen by the process of cyropreservation can be made to come alive and used for fertilization with the female egg at a desired time.

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