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Sexual Hygiene

Lessons on personal cleanliness and hygiene are taught form early childhood itself and so Sexual-Hygiene it is natural that everybody follows these lessons to some extent throughout their life. But when we enter into sexual contacts, we do not bother about hygiene and cleanliness as we are not aware about its importance. But if you can spend a few minutes you can keep your genital organs and the connected areas clean and hygienic which will help you to improve the enjoyment of the sex and also will be helpful in preventing bacterial infection itching etc. Some important guidelines about sexual hygiene are furnished below.

  1. Don’t use under wares when not necessary: Whenever you are inside your private room or not in a public place, it is better that you remove the underwear and make your genitals free. The heat and sweat accumulation in your private area can lead to infection, itching and other problems.
  2. Removal of pubic hair: Since the private parts of human beings are not exposed to fresh air, it is always better to keep these parts clean by clearing the pubic hair which grows thickly in this area. You can use a blade or a scissor to cut them at regular intervals. Since private parts always remains covered tightly, heat and sweat will always be there and if pubic hair also adds to this it will become a potential place for breading of bacteria and consequent infections. A genital organ which is free from pubic hair, looks more attractive to the partner and naturally helps to improve the enjoyment is a sexual act.
  3. Don’t use tight fitting jeans or under wares: Use of tight fitting jeans or underwire make the private part of a person prone to bacteria and deceases. Try to use loose type of dresses or at least avoid using tight dresses for long periods. Whenever possible avoid using synthetic clothing material as it adds to heat and sweat.
  4. Change sanitary pads regularly: For women sanitary pads have to be changed regularly at least once in every three to six hours depending on the flow.
  5. Clean genital areas: An uncircumcised man has to pull back his outer foreskin as far as possible and clean it with lukewarm water. A white substance called Smegma which consists of dead skin cells, oil, bacteria etc. would have accumulated there. This substance which may cause infection and foul smell has to be removed completely. In case of circumcised men, end portion of the genital organ will not be covered by foreskin. So this portion has to be cleaned regularly as it comes in contact with sweat and bacteria. A woman has to clean her genital area thoroughly before sex to prevent yeast infections and foul smell. Anus has to be cleaned well before engaging in anal sex.

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