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Male Infertility Evaluation

Semen Analysis is done with 3-4 days of abstinence. If a male partner has lesser day (even 1 day of abstinence)  he can undergo the semen analysis. Duration of abstinence doesn't influence the semen test analysis / reports, The prolong the abstinence the more the semen volume.

On the day of testing, the male partner is advised to thoroughly wash the genital region. He is advised to be comfortable & relaxed. Ensure their is no spillage of semen during collection. If so, inform the Andrology lab technicians. We are providing a single room with attached toilet to ease the semen collection process. The Semen collection room is provided with magazines to ease the collection. You can accommodate the female partner if you need it. With all these measures if you are unable to do semen collection contact the andrology lab. They can provide a vibrator at a nominal cost and a small illustrated video to assist semen collection. This will solve your issues.

Some men are comfortable at home collection. Meet the supporting staff

A healthcare provider usually begins with a medical and physical examination & semen test. Fertility in men usually requires the functioning of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and testes., All it is considered that various conditions can also lead to infertility. Infertility in male can determine the cause which can lead to a specific treatment. Accordingly various tests may be conducted

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The patient's past medical history is very important to evaluate the causes of infertility and fertility test for men. The doctor usually asks generic questions like , past medical history, childhood growth, sexual history, puberty developments , other illness and infections, any surgeries performed previously, exposure to certain outside agents, like alcohol, smoking , toxic chemicals radiation, chemotherapy, if you have ever visited a infertility clinic previously.

Physical examination

The examination includes, measurement of height , weight body fat & muscle distribution, also includes the inspection of the skin , hair pattern , visual examination of the genitals also are conducted.

Testosterone deficiencies, which includes loss of facial hair, body hair and reduce the size of testes, special attention is given to these features

There are also other factors that affect infertility:

  • Varicocele, a varicose vein of the testicle
  • Absent vas deferens or thickening of the epididymis
  • Semen analysis

Lab testing - The central part of the evaluation is a semen analysis (sperm count), the analysis conducted, provides information about the number, motility, shape of the sperm, and amount of semen

Before providing the semen sample , the man should not have sex or masturbate for at least 2-7 days, the sample should be collected in a clinic after masturbation , if this is not possible , then a sample should be collected at home in a sterile container. If the sample given to the clinic is abnormal after the semen analysis, then the clinic will ask for another sample to be tested.

Blood tests - In male fertility the hormones play an important part, to know about the hormones a blood test is conducted, after the test if the sperm concentration is low , or the doctor suspects that there is a hormonal problem, that another blood test is conducted to measure the total testosterone,luteinizing hormone(LH),follicle-stimulating hormone(FSH) and the prolactin(pituitary hormone)

Sonohysterography: Is a process , this procedure uses trans vaginal ultrasound filling the uterus with saline(salt solution), doing this helps to detect intrauterine problems, like endometrial polyps, fibroid compared with trans vaginal ultrasonography

This procedure uses transvaginal ultrasound after filling the uterus with saline (a salt solution). This improves detection of intrauterine problems such as endometrial polyps and fibroids compared with using trans vaginal ultrasonography alone. If an abnormality is seen, a hysteroscopy is typically done. This test is often done in place of HSG.

Hysteroscopy: To view the inside of the uterus , a surgical procedure which is a lighted telescope like instrument called hysteroscope is passed through the cervix. This procedure can help diagnose and treat the conditions of the uterus like fibroid , polyps (scar tissue)

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Genetic tests -Genetic tests are done to detect chromosomal abnormalities, blood tests are done specifically to the the absence or the abnormal regions of the male chromosome (Y) , certain men inherit these genes assisted with cystic fibrosis, that could result in male infertility, which is low sperm count, but there is no significant signs that show cystic fibrosis , such as lung or gastrointestinal disease.

Even though there are infertility treatments that can rectify the genetic or chromosomal abnormalities , there is a possibility that this can be carried to the child. In this case the doctor would advise the couple to go for genetic counseling, to know the pros and cons, and what could happen according to the abnormality than can be transferred to the child which can impact the child.

Other tests - The doctor will conduct a reproductive test to check if there is a blockage in the reproductive tract(epidermis or vas deferens), a ultrasound is also done

(movement of semen into the bladder) retrograde ejaculation is suspected,post-ejaculation sample of urine is needed.

In the evaluation, of the male an biopsy is considered, where a small sample of tissue is tested , where there is no sperm in men the analysis is conducted. The biopsy can be be done surgically by opening the testes , or by a fine-needle aspiration (inserting the needle into the testes and withdrawing a sample of tissue) also under general anesthesia in the operating room a biopsy is done, with a fine -needle aspiration, through the the microscopic structure of the testes the doctor checks if sperm are present, if there is sperm production in the testes, and there is none when ejaculating ,this is the result that the reproductive tract is blocked.

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