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Artifical Insemination

Women and men with infertility problems can be treated by the most advanced technique artificial insemination . The sperm is inserted into the cervix of the woman, fallopian tube or uterus, this procedure makes it easier for the sperm to bypass an obstructions. It makes pregnancy easier. One of the common methods of artificial insemination, is intrauterine insemination (IUI)where the sperm is placed in the uterus.


Artificial insemination may yet one of advanced techniques yet not the highly advanced as there are other methods, but is considered safe and less side effects, the percentage in women may not be very high by this technique. Yet an infertility specialist would recommend this as the initial method to infertility.

What Type of Infertility Can Artificial Insemination Treat?

Various infertility problems can be treated by artificial insemination. It is a very popular technique that is considered by doctors to treat men with low sperm counts , sperms that are not strong enough to swim through the cervix of the women and into the fallopian tubes. Artificial insemination is also used as a method , with women who have different reproductive problems, or abnormalities like endometriosis.

Artificial insemination is a good respective for woman who have mucus surrounding the cervix, the mucus that surrounds the cervix, prevents the sperm from lodging into the uterus and fallopian tubes. Through artificial insemination, the sperm skips the cervical mucus entirely. Doctors recommend this procedure of artificial insemination to couples, where they are not able to diagnose why the couple is infertile.

What to Expect During Artificial Insemination

When you undergo artificial insemination, the doctor would use ovulation kits, blood tests ultrasound as methods to make sure you ovulate .

When it is time for the women to ovulate, the doctor will ask for a sample semen of your partners. During this time the doctor would advise to abstain from having sex for 2-5 days so that the sperm count is high. Your partner's sperm can be collected by using a private room in the clinic. The sperm must be washed within one hour of ejaculation in the laboratory.

The sperm undergoes an process of "washing", this is because , if there are any impurities in the sperm which may cause discomfort to the women , the sperm is then liquefied to a room temperature of about 30 minutes. The most active part of the sperm is separated by a harmless chemical. A centrifuge is used to collect the best part of the sperm.

The sperm is introduced through the vagina , and cervix into the uterus by a catheter(thin tube).Most doctors usually recommend this method of artificial insemination, as it is a painless, and short procedure , that is similar to a pap smear, there may be a little bleeding or cramps during the procedure, which may vary from patient to patient. After the procedure the doctor will ask you to lie down for about 15-45 minutes, so that the sperm is fully inside and has a chance to work. After that you can be a normal person.

Before you undergo artificial insemination, the doctor will put you on fertility drugs, like Clomid, to induce super ovulation(ovulation of multiple eggs)

Results of success vary from patient to patient. There are certain factors that lessen the chance of success with artificial insemination:

  • Age factor in women
  • Poor egg quality
  • Poor sperm quality
  • Endometriosis
  • Damage to fallopian tubes (usually from chronic infection)
  • Blockage of fallopian tubes (IUI will usually not work in this case

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