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Sex Related Diseases

A human being who indulges in sexual activities is likely to be affected by sex related disease. Important sex related diseases and a brief description about them are furnished below.

Chlamydia:Chlamydia is the most common sex related disease. Cervix in women and penile urethra in men are usually inflicted by this disease. Pain during sex and discharge from penis or vagina are the usual symptoms of this disease. Symptoms of Chlamydia may be seen only after a long period of time which may extend to more than a year. Use of latex condoms can prevent the spreading of this disease.

Gonorrhea:Gonorrhea is another common sex related disease which also does not show any symptoms for a very long period. Burning sensation when urinating and discharge in yellow or green color through penis are the symptoms of this disease. Gonorrhea also effects throat. People who practice oral sex should be aware of this fact also.

Syphilis:Syphilis can cause serious problems if left unattended. Symptoms of syphilis are the soars that appear on genitals, vagina, rectum and mouth. Use of condoms cannot reduce the spreading of this disease since soars are found in places where condoms cannot reach.

Mycoplasma Genitalium: Mycoplasma genitallium has become more common in the recent years. As it does not show much symptoms, it is very difficult to detect this disease.

Trichomaniasis:Trichomaniasis is the most common sex related disease among young women. Spumy discharge, vaginal odor, pain in sex etc. are the symptoms of this disease. A woman tested positive for this disease has to take her partner also for treatment to prevent re-transmission of the disease back to her.

Crabs/pubic lice:These are a category of lice that grow in pubic hair and other places like armpits and eyebrows. Itching in the infected area and presence of lice are the symptoms of this disease.

Human pappiloma virus:Human pappilona virus is the most common sex related disease. A study conducted during 1997 has found out that 75% of the sexually active people have been inflicted by this disease once in their life time. This diseases cause warts in the genitals of the inflicted persons.

HIV/AIDS:HIV/AIDS is the most dreaded sex related disease which is spreading very fast killing thousands of people. It spreads through exchange of bodily fluids like blood, breast milk, Semen, Vaginal secretions etc.

Hepatitis B:Hepatitis is an infection of the liver caused by hepatitis viruses. Hepatitis B is the virus which is most likely to be sexually transmitted through semen,vaginal fluids,blood and urine. It often has no symptoms.

All Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) & Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) need extended antibiotic/ anti viral / anti fungal for 2-3 weeks. Take the guidance of Sexual Health Consultants & Venereologists. Complete the course of medications to prevent remissions, relapses and drug resistance.

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