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Secondary Infertility Treatment

What is secondary Infertility

Many fertile couples seeking treatments for 2nd child gets rejected on workup and understand the need for treatments to achieve pregnancy.  ARC International Fertility and Research Centre provide better options to overcome Secondary Infertility at Chennai, India.

It is understand in a broader sense Primary infertility ( No conception or miscarriages even once) mostly associated with concerns with female partner. While secondary infertility ( Have a conception ) is mostly associated with concerns in male partner. Nevertheless a detailed evaluation of couple is mandatory to rule out the causes and plan for treatments. All couple should understand Fertility declines with age !! So if they are very particular for a second child , plan early, if fails don't hesitate for thorough evaluation and if situation warrants treatments go for early treatments.

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Common causes of secondary infertility

a) Advancing age and associated factors b) Infections c) Metabolic diseases like Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, dyslipidemia & its medications d) Changing life style ( smoking / alcohol / Less Physical activity / Abnormal sleep patterns / Excess use of electronic gadgets) e) Changing environments ( Decreasing quality in air / water / food products / global warming / pollution etc )

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