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Premarital Counselling

Marriage is a long-term commitment made among two individuals. But, recent trends shows a vital change in the concept and marital relationships have become too short. The divorce rate in India is increasing day by day. Surveys and studies are being conducted and couldn't find the exact cause for this new phenomenon. But, it is believed that the main cause for this can be lack of planning. People plan their wedding very well but, forget to develop a plan for their marriage. It should be very good if the couple can attend a premarital counselling, which will help them to plan their marriage and future life.

What is it?

A kind of therapy given to couples before the marriage is called premarital counselling. The counselling aims at preparing couples for marriage. It helps them to assure a strong and healthy relationship after marriage. Premarital counselling is helps the couple to make the marriage stable and satisfying. The couple need to explore each other before marriage. Else, the life cant' be so smooth. The lifestyle and culture has changed a lot and people started adopting foreign culture and lifestyle instead. In such a situation, the premarital counselling plays a vital role.

Through premarital counselling, the couple get a golden chance to explore each other. Counselling can give you insights to the right path for a good relationship. During the period, the couple get an opportunity to understand the character, lifestyle and personality each other.


What does it do?

The therapist will be a person who you can trust and be open. The ways of the therapist may vary according to the personality and conditions of the individuals. He/she will understand each others characters and try to make the couple understand each other deeply. Through various methods, the therapist will bring you closer and this will help in making the relationship stronger. Understanding the negatives and positives of each others character will bring chemistry in the relationship. The couple can share their dreams, differences, fears, so on and come to a greater understanding. They will become able to understand their sourcing of choice. This will be useful in tackling the issues that may interfere in their future life.

These days relationships show that, premarital counsellings are very much essential for developing a good generation that keeps values of a strong family and its bond.

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