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Recent research says, incidence of infertility is 15-20% globally. India is 2nd in the world having highest incidence of infertility. Infertility has increased by 5-6 times in the last 1 decade. Nearly 6-10% of sub fertile women are suffering from PCOD (Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease).

A normal healthy fertile woman recruits 15-20 follicles in both ovaries. A follicle is an egg (oocyte) shell where it is filled with fluid. Among 15-20 follicles only 1 follicle grows consistently from either of the ovary. If a woman has undergone a complete egg development & maturation, either she conceives naturally or she gets her menstrual cycle regularly.

What happens in PCOD? – The women recruit more than the expected follicles. It varies from 25-50 follicles depending on the severity of PCOD. In these circumstances, the follicle fails to complete development and maturation. Since there is no matured egg or oocyte, there is no source of fertilization. Hence the women lands up in infertility. Also lack of development of oocyte is associated with failure of regular monthly menstrual cycle

Why PCOD is increasing in women? Most women immediately after marriage are engaged in multiple family feasts and frequent outdoor dining. This is associated with progressive weight gain. She lands up in a metabolic syndrome (PCOS- Poly Cystic Ovarian syndrome), which is associated with Obesity, insulin resistance, multiple follicular cysts, excess hair growth (Hirsutism), excess testosterone, and other hormonal imbalances. Such women lands up in frequent miscarriages when conceive naturally or with assisted reproduction treatments like IUI / IVF /ICSI. Most women undergo laparoscopy and drilling in these conditions. It worsens the situations. These procedures are done with multiple punctures in the ovaries. It leads to bleeding / adhesions to associated tissues and diminished ovarian reserve. Sometimes women lands in early menopause because of these procedures. “DO NO HARM THAN GOOD”

What we do in ARC ??

The best way to get successful pregnancy is to maintain optimum weight, correct the hormone imbalances, medications to assist egg development and maturation (Ovulation Induction) , monitoring of ovulation and timed coitus or IUI.

Small follicles in your ovaries , which don’t develop into mature follicles and become larger, this is also characterized by hormone imbalances and different ovulation patterns.

  • Symptoms: Obesity, acne, irregular periods and excessive hair growth
  • Solutions: Change in lifestyle patterns (diet & exercise) IVF, infertility drugs Lifestyle modifications (diet and exercise) or fertility drugs and in vitro fertilization.
  • Success rates: Patients you maintain their weight will be able to ovulate better and regularly. Women who take infertility drugs , around about an average of 70-90% ovulate., some percentage go on to conceive, unfortunately for some , the pregnancies miscarries, fertility drugs do come with risks , which could be high in multiple births.

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Customized Solutions for PCOD / PCOS basis your age / duration of infertility

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