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Medications for sexual dysfunctions

Sexual dysfunction is one of the serious diseases which adversely affect peaceful life of millions of people. Two major sexual dysfunctions faced by men are erectile dysfunction and anejaculation.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability experienced by some men in maintaining erection of their penis in a level sufficient for carrying out sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunctions are caused due various reasons like psychological factors, after effects of surgery, life style factors, side effects of certain deceases etc.

Erectile dysfunction can be a predisposing factor for uncontrolled diabetes, dyslipidemia and underlying cardiac problems.

During the last few decades significant improvement has been achieved in the treatment of erectile dysfunctions. It has been found that change in life style habits like reducing consumption of alcohol, quitting smoking, reducing body weight etc can considerably improve the ability to maintain erection.

Counseling has been found to be an effective remedy for improving poor erection experienced by men. Men who are under psychological stress due to various reasons like family problems, financial troubles etc. can express their woes to a counselor and this will help them to come out of the inhibitions in their mind and enable them to maintain satisfactory erection during a sexual act. The advices and techniques administered by the counselor will induce confidence in them which eventually will help them to overcome the erectile dysfunction.


Sildenafil, Tadalafil & Vardenafil are a group of drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction. These drugs are strictly taken under medical supervision. However these are not indicated in patients with cardiac failure, Cardiac and Liver diseases. These drugs can produce flushes, headache and chest discomfort in some individuals.

Some men have loss of libido and erectile dysfunction due to low androgens (Testosterone). The same can be treated with testosterone supplementation.

Some herbals, anti oxidants and sperm adjuvant have proved beneficial in erectile dysfunction. They are L-Arginine, Aphrodien, Small Caltrops, Land Caltrops, Puncture Vine, Autumn Gold, Maidenhair tree and Zinc

For some people ejaculation of semen does not occur when a sexual act is performed. This state is known as anejaculation. It can be due to physical or psychological problem. Physical can be due to retrograde flow into semen into the bladder, due to incompetence of the prostatic valves or obstruction. Uncontrolled Diabetes can lead to valve dysfunction and predispose the problem. Drugs like ephedrine and imipramine may be useful in such conditions.

Anejaculation experienced due to psychological reasons can be controlled by counseling. Stimulations caused by a vibrator connected to the tip of the penis or electrical stimulations produced by a probe placed near prostate can also be made use of for providing ejaculation in the case of persons having anejaculation problem.

Sexual dysfunction experienced by women can be grouped into 4 groups. They are

  • Lack of sexual desire: Many factors like inhibitions, pregnancy, hormone changes, life style etc. are some of the causes which contribute to lack of sexual desire.
  • Not able to get aroused: Lack of vaginal lubrication is found to be a cause of inability to get aroused during a sexual intercourse. Anxiety or lack of stimulation also has been found to be affecting the ability to get aroused.
  • No orgasm: It has been found that some women are not able to reach the orgasm experienced in a normal sexual activity. Psychological reasons, chronic diseases, medications etc have been found to be the reasons for lack of orgasm.
  • Experience pain during intercourse: Lack of lubrication, scars left in surgeries, cysts in ovary etc are found to be the reason for the pain

Counseling has been found to be very effective method for overcoming many of the sexual dysfunction problems experienced by women. Lack of knowledge, inhibitions, taboo feeling, fear of penetration etc have been found to be the real reasons behind many female sexual dysfunctions. Hence most of the female sexual dysfunction can be rectified by counseling.

Kegal exercise is an exercise specially designed to improve the activity of vaginal muscles which will help to improve the enjoyment in sexual intercourse.

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