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Medication Use

There are many questions that arise in our mind when we are pregnant.

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Is it safe to take medication during pregnancy?

If you are taking any medication related to any physical problem that you have it is best to consult with you GP who could be the best adviser on this

How should I decide whether to use a medicine while I am pregnant?

It is very important to consult your GP and keep a tab on the medication that you are taking prior to your pregnancy or during your pregnancy, what are the risks and benefits involved .

Benefits: what are the good things the medicine can do for me and my growing baby (fetus)?

Risks: what are the ways the medicine might harm me or my growing baby (fetus)?

Sometimes the use of medication during pregnancy is by choice. It is sometimes mandatory that certain medication that you are already taking cannot be stopped in this case you need to check with your GP, other wise certain medication also is required during pregnancy to help the baby to grow and to boost up the immunity level in your body.

Also certain medication which are Over-The -Counter drugs , for example when you have a stuffy nose , or a sore throat or running a fever, it is best to check with the GP, otherwise you would need to manage the best you can if GP suggest that you cannot take anything.

There are times when a woman who is pregnant , needs to be under medication because of the pregnancy , that is because she developed a bladder infection , or broke out with a pregnancy allergyor a constant strep throat.

I have a health problem. Should I stop using my medicine while I am pregnant?

There are also certain cases where woman need to continue their medication for long term health problems like asthma, diabetes, depression or seizures, do not stop the medication, always check with your GP

Women with HIV (there are special CDC centers ) certain drugs are recommended like Claudine (AZT) during pregnancy, it is considered that woman who have HIV and use the drug (AZT) during pregnancy are at a lower risk of carrying HIV to their babies . Woman with diabetes who does not use her medication during pregnancy , raises the risk of miscarriage, stillborn, or other birth defects. Woman also suffering from BP or asthma , and are not controlled during pregnancy can result in problems with the fetus.

Some times women are prone to pregnancy problems , that come with pregnancy ,and are considered to be under medication under the supervision of the GP for generic problems like vomiting , morning sickness, feeling of weakness, pregnancy losses, preterm labor, or feeling or weakness. Also UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) must be treated, certain antibiotics are required for treatment, risks need to be considered .

Are vitamins safe for me while I am pregnant?

Pregnant woman should not take regular vitamins , some of these vitamins contain high doses. There are certain vitamins that can be taken during the time of pregnancy which can help to keep the baby

healthy. Flock acid is a good vitamin to take while you are pregnant, or before you become pregnant, this prenatal vitamin should contain at least 400-800 micrograms(uh) Colic acid reduces the chances of any defects at birth ( where the spine or the brain does not form in the right way). Too much of iron can make you anemic which is not good during pregnancy , always consult your GP for advice. Vitamin A is considered dangerous , especially when you are pregnant.

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