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IVF camps in ARC is unique!!! Know how it works

1) The hormone used to grow eggs in IVF programme is FSH. There are 3 forms available in the market. a) Urinary FSH b) Highly purified FSH c) Recombinant FSH. Recombinant FSH is very effective and accurate and the most expensive in the market. It gives maximum no of eggs in the stimulation period.More eggs leads to more no of embryos. Surplus embryos can be used for multiple IVF embryo transfers. We are using RecFSH for all clients irrespective of the packages without any compromise IVF reduces the procedure costs.In recent years ICSI is practised in well equipped centres with competent Embryologists. We are doing only ICSI in IVF camps to enhance the success rates 3) Culturing the embryos in IVF lab involves greater investments and human resources.The higher the no of days, the better is the chance of selecting good embryos. We practise Day 3 to Day5(blastocyst) embryo transfer.IVF @ Rs1 lakh INR for Deserving Couples

Terms & conditions (T&C)

1) IVF/ICSI is offered at Rs 1 lakh (INR) for female partner less than 30 years of age

2) IVF / ICSI at Rs 1.50 lakhs for couples above 30 years

The cost includes

a)Semen back up before IVF till egg pickup at Rs2000

b)Blood tests done from day2 till pregnancy test . Approx Rs7500

c)Follicular tracking scan from day 5 till egg pickup at Rs2500

d)Rec FSH beyong 8 days and additional injections like LH / HMG / growth hormones

e)Consumables and disposables used in OT during eggpick and ET. Approx Rs 7000 for OCR and Rs7000 for ET

f)Anesthetist fees for ET

g)Accomadation and food expenses. We are providing single/ double room self owned furnished apartments at Rs750-Rs1500 per day with all basic amenities and furnishings

h) If semen donation is required at Rs5000 minimum for basic profile

i) If egg donor is required at Rs 50000 minimum for basic profile

j) For embryo freezing at Rs 20000 for 3-4 embryos and additional cryolocks at Rs2500. The freezing is valid for 6 months.

k) For Embryo thawing at Rs25000 includes one day stay and Clinician / Embryologist fees and procedures

The couple has to report with a ID proof ( Any one of the following- Passport / Voter ID / PAN card / Marriage certificate / Ration card )

At registration Rs1500 is collected. The registration includes Couple assessment & detailed counselling with Semen analysis & USG pelvis for female partner

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