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How To Get Pregnant

Considering Pregnancy

It's purely your decision when you have decided that you want to become pregnant.

To embrace parenthood is such a wonderful thing, as it is a long life commitment

Everyone decides to have a baby at a different time .

Many of us have a desire to become parents, and some of us are unsure of becoming parents, all the same we at ARC Center can help you peruse that desire.

Certain pre-pregnancy health care

The choices we make are very important , when it comes to planning to have a baby.

  • Exercise
  • Eat Healthy Food
  • Good Nutrition
  • A healthy life style

It's important to make an appointment with your doctor to sketch out the a map before you decide you get pregnant.


For a woman to become pregnant, her body must work and release an egg from her ovary,-ovulation the egg & the sperm should fuse together to become on single cell-fertilization. This is the beginning of the pregnancy , after that when the egg fertilizes and attaches to the woman's uterus and begins to grow--implantation


A women period takes place during the first 2 weeks of her menstrual cycle. The cycle lasts for 3-7 days, during this time the hormones build up and makes eggs, and these eggs mature into ovaries, and the wall of uterus becomes thick.


Two weeks before the women's next period ovulation happens. The egg travels, towards the fallopian tube and then enters the fallopian tube, and starts moving towards the uterus.


Fertilization takes places after intercourse or artificial insemination, hundreds of sperms travel through the uterus and go into the fallopian tube, even though there are a number of sperms one sperm can fertilize the egg. There are a numbers of other sperms that would leak out of the vagina or get absorbed by the woman's body.

Millions of sperms are released when a man ejaculates; half of them may have the gene that could be a boy, and the other half a girl. The egg fuses with the sperm and that is call fertilization.


After fertilization the egg moves down the fallopian tubes and further divides into more & more cells becoming a ball, these cells reach the uterus after 3-4 days of fertilization, and these cells travels into the uterus and stays for another 2-3days.

This is when pregnancy begins and the ball of cells gets attached to the lining of the uterus. This is called implantation, and this process usually takes about 6 days after fertilization, and takes up-to 3-4 to complete, from the inside of the ball the embryo develops, and the placenta develops from the cells outside of the ball.

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