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Husband Leukocyte Transfer (HLT) for Recurrent Implantation failure

HLT Treatment Procedure In Chennai

Repeated failures in IVF treatment or repeated abortions can narrow the hopes of several patients. It is a major contribution in failure rates following ICSI/IVF. If a couple following IVF /ICSI have produced adequate good quality embryos and the embryo transfer is smooth with no complications but failed to implant successively in 2 transfers, we call it as Recurrent Implantation Failure (RIF). HLT is a reliable treatment in situations like these.

In this procedure, the leukocytes (white blood cells) from the husband’s blood are separated. These cells are concentrated. After this process, they are safely injected into the lymphatic system of the wife. The Husband Leukocyte Transfer (HLT)e procedure is performed almost 8-12 times. The time gap between 2 injections may be a week to 10 days. The patient is advised to wait for 2 months after HLT is completed. The Women’s body is immuned to accept Husband’s contribution during embryo development. Either spontaneous conception or IVF can be tried subsequently.

HLT Treatment Procedure

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