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High Risk Pregnancy

Complications with Pregnancy

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Complications can involve the baby & the mother's health, health problems occur for women either before they are pregnant or during pregnancy, complication could be at a high risk factor . Its very important that women receive health care , before they conceive to avoid any complications

High risk pregnancy

If you have health problems you may want to consult with you doctor and let him know about the past health history, so that he can guide you and the risks are much less. If you have other health problems and have decided to become pregnant, the medication that you are taking treating your current health problem could be a risk if you become pregnant, also checking with the doctor according to the medication you take , and reducing the intake could be also a complication. Its very important that you discuss the risks involved , if you had any previous pregnancy. This is all could be taken care off by our experts and experienced staff with a lot of pre-natal care at the ARC center.

At the time of Pregnancy

During a pregnancy the symptoms & complications can be at high risk and life threatening . For a women to cope with a pregnancy becomes difficult as it is hard to determine whether the risk is worth taking. Taking risks could also affect the mother and the fetus as well, especially during the pregnancy. The risks involved during a pregnancy could be mild or worse, but it is best to get the opinion of you prenatal care doctor and a through check up before pregnancy and during pregnancy.

Whether or not the pregnancy is complication by either medical or other reasons are involved our staff and physicians are dedicated in helping you through the journey of your pregnancy at ARC,our technology and medical expertise , are equipped to handle high risk pregnancies as we take this on as a challenge at ARC as we have the best team on board and handle it with extra care, which is more needed together with the advanced technology . We treat our mother's & babies with utmost care and compassion.

The high risks of a pregnancy in general for a women:

  • If the women is above the age of 35 years or move
  • if she is 15 years younger than 35 years of age
  • Obesity, or otherwise under weight
  • is having a double fetus
  • diabetes which is gestational
  • labor which can be premature
  • delivered a premature baby
  • has had a delivery with genetic health problems or the baby is born with a defect
  • various medical conditions high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, lupus, asthma, a seizure disorder, or hereditary health problems

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