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Hysteroscopy Procedure in Chennai

Hysteroscopy is a procedure that allows the doctor to take a look inside the uterus in order to diagnose and treat causes of abnormal bleeding. This procedure is done by using a hysteroscope, the instrument is a thin lighted tube which is inserted into the vagina to examine the cervix and inside the uterus also. It can be either operative or diagnostic.

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What is diagnostic hysteroscopy?

Diagnostic hysteroscopy is when you diagnose problems with regards to the uterus. Is , it is also used to confirm tests such as hysterosalpingography (HSG). HSG is an X-ray dye test which is used to check the uterus and fallopian tubes.

It can be used , for other procedures, such as laparoscopy, or before procedures such as Dilation and Curettage(D&C).

What is operative hysteroscopy?

An Operative hysteroscopy is used to detect an abnormal condition that has occurred during a diagnostic hysteroscopy.  An operative hysertoscopy can be preformed at the same time , avoiding the need for surgery If an abnormal condition was already detected during the diagnostic hysteroscopy.  When an operative hysteroscopy, is performed small instruments used to correct the condition are inserted through the hysteroscope.

When is operative hysteroscopy used?

The doctor may perform this accordingly:

  • Polyps & Fibroids-To remove these non-cancerous growths, Polyps and fibroids, which is found in the uterus
  • Operative hysteroscopy- It can help the doctor locate and remove adhesion. Another name for Adhesionalso known as Asherman's Syndrome. Uterine adhesions are bands of scar tissue that can form in the uterus and may lead to changes in menstrual flow as well as infertility.
  • Septum's- Hysteroscopy can detect, a malformation of the uterus that is present from birth.
  • Abnormal bleeding- Hysteroscopy can help the doctor determine the heavy menstrual flow or lengthy menstrual flow, as well as bleeding between periods or after menopause.

What are the benefits & how safe is a Hysteroscopy?

The benefit

  • Shorter hospital stay & recovery time
  • Avoid a hysterectomy
  • Less pain medication needed after surgery

Hysteroscopy is confirmed as a safe procedure; however there could be slight complications.

RisksRisks associated with anesthesia

  • Infection
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Injury to the cervix, uterus, bowel or bladder
  • Intrauterine scarring
  • Reaction to the substance used to expand the uterus

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