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What happens during cryosurgery?

Cryosurgery is a simple procedure , and done at the doctor's office, it is done when the patient is awake. The vaginal canal is held with a speculum , so that the cervix can be seen, then the cyro probe is inserted in the vagina and placed firmly in the cervix, covering the abnormal tissue. Compressed gaseous nitrogen (temperature approximately -50 degrees Celsius) flows through the instrument, making the metal cold enough to freeze and destroy the tissue.

During this procedure there my be some slight cramping, there is nothing to worry cryosurgery is a painless surgery with very little scarring. An "ice ball" forms on the cervix, killing the superficial abnormal cells., the freezing is done for 3 minutes,as a part of the procedure and the cervix is allowed to thaw, and after that again the process of freezing is repeated for another 3 minutes, this is an optimal treatment


What happens after cryosurgery?

After cryosurgery , to make sure another Pap smear or a biopsy should be done to ensure that the procedure was successful in killing abnormal tissue.

The patient can resume to her normal activities, after the surgery. It is advised by the physician to abstain from sexual intercourse for several weeks . There would be a watery discharge after the surgery for about 2-3 weeks after surgery,caused by the shedding of the dead cervical tissue. Women sometimes feel a little light-headed, and may faint after the surgery, the doctor advices if this happens to lie down for a little while after the surgery is done , so that the sensation goes away.

What are the risks of cryosurgery?

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Cervical stenosis (with less than 1% risk), which may make it more difficult to get pregnant, or cause increased cramping with menstrual periods

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