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If your exercise regularly, when you become pregnant you would need to consult your doctor, if can continue the exercise, it depends whether you are excising at the GYM or otherwise.

No doubt there is an advantage if you exercise while you are pregnant , it is good for you and your baby, if there are no complications in your pregnancy.

Exercise regularly , also improves your blood circulation and gives you an added glow to your skin . When you exercise you prepare your body at the time of birth and exercise and breathing go together, and helps when you are in labor it builds up strong muscles, so if you have a long labor you are able to handle it well.

If it is important for you to exercise, and you want to continue to exercise while your pregnant, or you consider exercising because you feel during pregnancy you may put on more weight , you need to consult with your doctor on what is best, and reduce exercising if you come across

  • Induced- blood pressure during pregnancy
  • early contractions
  • vaginal bleeding
  • premature rupture of your membranes, also known as your water (the fluid in the amniotic sac around the fetus) breaking early

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