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Endometriosis treatments in chennai

Endometrioma,chocolate cysts, endometriosis treatment are associated with Infertility & seen more in Chennai & Indian subcontinent. Best minimal ultrasound USG approach & expert Laparascopy & Hysteroscopy excision are done for deserving clients @ ARC.Reproductive Specialists and ARC Hospital consultants offers adequate counselling prior to surgery, about the prevention of recurrence post surgeries and need for early pregnancy with advanced IUI IVICSI treatments with best Fertility experts.

Around 10 to 15% of women in the reproductive age groupsuffer from endometriosis. Endometrium is the inner layer of the uterus. When the endometrial cells are located outside the uterus like fallopian tubes, ovaries and abdomen it results in endometriosis. When women menstruate during her cycle, bleeding from endometrial layers outside uterus also happens. This results in localised collection of blood and it becomes a cyst later. This is called chocolate cyst. Women with endometriosis suffer from severe menstrual pain and don't respond to pain killers.

There are multiple medical and surgical treatment options available for endometriosis. Dr Mahalakshmi Saravanan (Fertility Consultant from ARC) explains that surgical excision of cysts has high recurrence rates as well surgery might lead to scarring, adhesions and altered endometrium. She recommends medical treatments with cycle suppression and also claims that attainment of pregnancy is associated with complete remission of the disease.With these measures, such women attain motherhood with no surgical treatments. In severe cases of chocolate cysts she manages with ultrasound-guided cyst aspirations, thereby avoiding laparoscopy .

Women with endometriosis suffering from infertility need personalised care, due to disease severity, pain and recurrences.They should plan for early pregnancy. These women are offered medications to suppress menstruation for two to four months depending on the severity and subsequently they are offered IUI IVF based on the age, duration of infertility and severity of the disease.

Dr Mahalakshmi Saravanan advises, “It is a treatable, self-limiting disease. Such women have abnormal egg developments. The complete cure happens when women are not menstruating for 18 to 24 months during pregnancy and lactation“

It is associated with menstrual pains and leads to infertility. It leads to poor egg quality and higher incidences of female infertility. Laparascopic chocalate cyst , endometrioma, endometrial adhesions release, recurrent adenomyosis / endometriosis are common approach but associated with high recurrence rates.  Surgical intervention are associated with adhesions, remissions of diseases and reduced ovarian reserve. ARC utters care and approach towards women with such ailments and aims at medical treatments and achieving pregnancy with minimal procedures and surgeries.

Uniqueness of ARC in handling endometriosis

a)  Avoiding surgery at first instance

b) Customizing the treatment plans basis the female partner age, duration of infertility

c) Improving outcomes with medical treatments

d) Minimal invasive procedures like Ultrasound guided cyst aspiration

e) Preserving the ovarian reserve

f) Improving the success with IUI / ICSI with customized stimulation protocols

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