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Embryo Donation

Couples who are faced with infertility problems, and try to achieve in getting pregnant , embryo donation , help couples undergoing fertility achieve pregnancy . Embryo donations indicates couples facing infertility which involves both partners, infertility in single woman, pregnancy loss embryonic factors and genetic disorders affecting either one partner or both partners.

Embryo donation requires the recipient couple to undergo the appropriate medical and psychological screening which is recommended for all gamete donor cycles. The woman also undergoes an evaluation of her uterine cavity , and then the endometrium is prepared with estrogen and progesterone to anticipate an embryo transfer.


Embryo's that are specific for donation, the sperm & the egg donor must be screened and tested , other donors who are not sexual partners of the recipient's

Embryo donation is a controversial process from both an ethical as well as a legal reasons. The difference between embryo donation and sperm donation is, that the offspring born to the couple will not have any genetic link whatsoever ,nevertheless the couple will have only an biologic relationship that they share , through the love & relationship that the parents made to gestate this embryo. It is always best that between the donors and recipient couple , are counseled and address all issues that may be of high importance , that may arise during embryo donation. All terms and conditions need to be met according to ICMR, couples should also consult with the legal counsel with regards, to an agreement of embryo donation, as well as the necessity of seeking a judicial determination or recognition of parentage.

Depending on the quality of the embryos that were frozen,the age of the women who provided the eggs and the number of embryos transferred, these are certain factors that pregnancy depends upon.

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