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Difficult Trial Embryo Transfer Prior to IVF ?

Hysteroscopy shaving for tight cervix

All women prior toIVF /ICSI are scheduled to undergo Trial Embryo transfer (MOCK Transfer). This will give an idea to the Fertility Consultant on the cervix anatomy of those particular women. In some cases negotiating a catheter through cervix is very difficult and traumatic. These women face IVF failures due to challenging embryo transfer and prolonges embryo exposure to external environment. Such cases are handled by cervical dilatation in many institutions. They land up in re stenosis. A complete solution in such cases is performing a cervical shaving through a hysteroscopy.

Hysteroscopy shaving

hysteroscopy can be used as a diagnostic and surgical tool. Basically, a hysteroscope is a fiber optic telescope. Several channels are available in a hysteroscope. One among the channels is the optic channel that is used to see the inner portions of the uterus. Another channel is used open the walls of uterus by the introduction of gas or fluids. Additional channels help in introducing the necessary instruments. Through the use of these instruments, cervical tightening of uterus can be safely released. This shall correct the cervical narrowing or tight cervix.

Subsequently women can undergo hassle free, safe embryo transfer during IVF programme and achieve success and parenthood. Our centre offers this procedure for deserving women.

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