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What Causes Menstrual Disorders ?

By Arc Posted On 23-Feb-2017

Motherhood is considered a divine phase in a woman’s life. The ability to carry another life inside yourself literally, is a blessing endowed through the womb. Since the last or so decade, there has been a growth in disorder relating to that particular quality. Uterine disorders are a product of the growing lifestyle and environmental changes witnessed today. Almost 1 in every 10 females in the world face some kind of uterine disorder in varying intensities.

Uterine Disorders

The most common uterine disorder witnessed today is the menstrual disorder. What should normally work as easy as clockwork starts showing glitches. Ranging from heavy periods (abnormal uterine bleeding) to scanty flow or missed periods(amenorrhea), mood swings, irregularity and acute cramps(dysmenorrhea), there are a wide range of symptoms related to this disorder. PMS commonly known as Premenstrual Syndrome and PMDD an acute form of PMS, are responsible for mood swings and depression in women.

Other common uterine disorders include growth of fibroids, endometriosis, uterine cancer, adenomyosis and prolapse. The main reasons for these disorders are hormonal activity, hormonal imbalance, some abnormalities in the reproductive system, growth of polyps and so on. Some uterine disorders are linked to heredity as well. The imbalance in thyroid hormone is said to have an impact on menstrual disorders also.

Uterine Disorder Causes

Life style diseases such as obesity and stress plays a good role in this too. Smoking, alcoholism and drug use affects the functions of uterus as well. Though all uterine disorders do not lead to infertility, with increase in the intensity of the disorder, infertility becomes the point of incidence.

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