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By Arc Posted On 04-May-2017

Any pregnancy can be challenging, for the vast majority of women pregnancy follows a routine course. But not all pregnancies go smoothly. Some women, have medical difficulties related to their health or the health of their baby. This condition is what doctors refer to as High risk pregnancy.

High risk pregnancies need a greater level of attention and monitoring, since these complications carries elevated risk in a baby's health and developmental problems at birth and beyond. Women with high risk pregnancies need to be attentive to their health, should eat a nutritious diet and gain a proper amount of weight. Also should avoid any risky medications or substances. To enhance the health of the mother and baby doctors will prescribe vitamins and iron supplements.

Women With High Risk Pregnancy May Experience

      * Vaginal bleeding

      * Severe pain or cramping in the lower abdomen

      * Decreased fetal movement

      * Persistent headaches

      * Painful burning sensations while urinating

      * Clear or watery vaginal discharge

      * Frequent contractions and noticeable changes in vision.

Even if a women is healthy when she become pregnant, it is possible to be diagnosed with problems during pregnancy that can affect the health of the mother or baby. Preeclampsia (a syndrome that includes high blood pressure, urinary protein and swelling) and Gestational diabetes (a type of diabetes that develops during pregnancy) are two of the most common pregnancy-related problems.

Reasons For High Risk Pregnancy

For a variety of reasons a pregnancy may be considered high risk. Some of these include:

      * The mother experienced problems in previous pregnancy

        (such as miscarriage)

      * Problems in developing baby

      * The mother having medical conditions before or during pregnancy

      * The mother is pregnant with multiples

      * Complications occur during pregnancy (such as premature labor)

High risk pregnancies requires management by a specialist to ensure the best care for the mother and baby. ARC International Fertility and Research Centre, in Chennai provides best treatment for High risk pregnancies with the aid of modern medical techniques and with the help of a dedicated team.

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