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By Arc Posted On 23-Aug-2017

With the increased incidence of infertility and related disorders in our society, Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) has gained popularity in these recent times. IVF also called In Vitro Fertilisation is one of the most efficient of these techniques with a relatively high success rate among infertility treatments.

The procedure of IVF involves the manual combining of sperm and egg in a laboratory setting outside the body and then transferring the developed embryo into the uterus with artificial means. The process is conducted in different steps. The quality of IVF treatment has a great influence on its success rate.

ARC International Fertility & Research Centre is acknowledged as the most efficient fertility hospitals in India. It offers quality treatment under best IVF specialists in Chennai.

When is IVF preferred?

In Vitro Fertilisation treatment is usually preferred in cases where couples encounter the following issues: -

  • Inadequate sperm count in men
  • Blocked fallopian tubes in women
  • Uterine disorders and issues such as endometriosis
  • Unexplained cases of infertility

How is it done?

As mentioned earlier IVF is done in a couple of steps which includes ovulation induction with the help of fertility drugs, egg and sperm retrieval and processing, fertilisation and transfer to the uterus.

Fertility drugs are usually injected into the woman's body for enhancing hormone activity for the production of multiple eggs. The growth of follicles and maturation of eggs are monitored with the help of timely ultrasounds and blood tests. The eggs are then extracted with procedures under the administration of local or general anaesthesia.

The sperm collected from the male partner is washed and processed before the process of artificial fertilisation that is done in a laboratory dish in a controlled atmosphere. The embryo is transferred to the uterus after a period ranging from 3 to 5 days after proper growth is ensured by the embryologist.

With a much-valued experience spanning years, ARC International Fertility & Research Centre, is one of the best fertility centres in Chennai offering quality and affordable In Vitro Fertilisation treatments.

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