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Know How to Beat Your Infertility

By Arc Posted On 19-Jan-2017

Male Infertility is defined as the inability of a man to contribute towards reproduction either due to his inability to produce sperms or because the sperms do not have the ability to fertilize the egg due to some reason. The fertility of male partner generally depends on the count and quality of the sperm. If the count of the sperm produced by the male partner is low or if the size and motility of the sperm is poor it will be difficult to ensure fusion with the egg.

Causes of Male Infertility

The main cause of infertility in the male is either associated with sperm production or with the motility of the sperms. Abnormalities in the sperm may be caused due to low motility, varicocele or undescended testes. Some males might have a problem with sperm transport. Other common causes include the low level of hormone secreted by pituitary glands that act on the testis, sperm antibodies, consumption of alcohol, failure of ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and infrequent intercourse. Pituitary tumors congenital lack of LH and FSH or anabolic steroid abuse may cause in hormonal imbalance.


To determine the male infertility medical test is required. The quality and appearance of the ejaculated sperm and whether it can fertilize the egg or not can be identified only through a medical test. To check the levels of hormones that control the production of sperms, blood test may be done.

Treatment for Infertility

In most of the cases, the consultant doctor suggests the couples an ART such as IVF. But these treatments do not treat the infertility of man rather they can only achieve pregnancy by artificially ensuring a fusion. If the count of the sperm is low, ICSI method can help to achieve the target. In this treatment, a fertile sperm is placed directly into the egg and the fusion happens in an artificially prepared solution. The fused egg is placed in the uterus.

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