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ICSI Treatments in Chennai

By Arc Posted On 16-Aug-2016

ICSI is a technique of assisted reproduction similar to IVF conventional, with the difference that the insemination of the eggs is done by introducing a sperm into the egg using a microneedle, directly and therefore much more elaborate than in IVF. The greater technical complexity implies a higher cost of the ICSI technique.

It is used when the sperm has difficulty penetrating the egg on their own. You can use sperm from the chosen person, or donor. ICSI is also used when the sperm count is very low.

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ICSI treatment is indicated in the following cases of male infertility:

Azoospermia : This cause of infertility is due to the absence of sperm in the ejaculate. There are two main ways in which this occurs. One refers to the inability of sperm to mix with other fluids semen while in the other case the sperm reaches not occur because the problem is just in the process of creation.

Oligozoospermia: It refers to poor semen quality due to lack of volume. According to WHO (World Health Organization) an amount equal to or greater than 20 million sperm / ml is recommended.semen. The cause of male infertility is also called oligospermia.

Cryptozoospermia : Also known as cryptospermia, it is detected through a semen. This problem of infertility is when the count is less than 100,000 sperm / ml.de sperm.

Oligoasthenozoospermia: The so-called oligo asthenospermia, refers to a set of problems of semen quality, ie they add more than one of the above cases, which in addition to a low sperm count in the sample of ejaculate, there is also a deficiency their mobility.

ICSI is typically used in couples after performing several cycles of IVF (in vitro fertilization) have not achieved positive results, as with ICSI can achieve better results in difficult or highly infertility compared with IVF cases.

Steps performed in an ICSI procedure:

  • Controlled ovarian stimulation
  • Ovarian puncture
  • Semen collection and preparation
  • Insemination of oocytes
  • Embryo culture
  • Embryo transfer
  • Freezing of embryos

Result : The success rate of this technique varies according to each individual case, especially considering the age of the women who undergo the treatment. Anyway, it is a way to generalize but really successful treatment should be assessed in terms of fertility problems suffered by each partner in particular.

Arc Fertility Centre is one of the Best ICSI Centre in Chennaioffers all kinds of infertility treatments under the guidance of Dr.Lakshmanan Saravanan, who is one of the Leading Infertility Specialist in India offers ICSI Treatments in Chennai. Experience and excellence can give best success rate and your dream child.

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