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Get Treated for All Teenage and Adult Gynecological Issues

By Arc Posted On 02-Dec-2016

A gynecologist is a physician who treats female reproductive diseases and disorders. Obstetricians are specialized in the labor, pregnancy, delivery, post-delivery care. However, they are generally called as OB & GYN. They offer medical and surgical care to all groups of women.

There are huge common Gynecological Issues for Teens. The prime case is Menorrhagia i.e. heavy bleeding, which is caused due to hormonal imbalance, dysfunction of ovaries, the growth of uterine polyps, coagulation impairment, using some medications like anticoagulants, NSAIDS, thyroid disorder, endometriosis, kidney or liver disorders.

If the Menorrhagia is not controlled it will lead to severe anemia, which simultaneously makes the girls fatigue, drowsy with weak. Hormone therapy is prescribed to stabilize the blood flow by correcting imbalanced hormone levels. This is the preliminary treatment for teens for abnormal bleeding. It the problem exists even after the hormone therapy, the physician will go for further treatments to stop the continuous bleeding.

Many of the teens experience painful periods (dysmenorrhea) probably in the lower abdomen. Primary dysmenorrhea is commonly found in teens which is neither related to uterus nor pelvic organs and does not last for more than four days.

Secondary dysmenorrhea occurs due to the problems in the uterus or pelvic regions. The reasons behind the pain may be STD, IUD, anxiety, Fibroids, PID, and endometriosis.

Missed periods and skipped periods occur due to many reasons such as thyroid disorder and PCOD etc.,

Umpteen young women face lots of gynecological issues. The Common Gynecological Issues for young women are briefed as under:

Menopause: It represents an ending of the menstrual cycle that happens to women who are in and above 40 years. It is a sign of aging and if it occurs before the 40s then it is called a premature menopause.

Fibroids: Fibroid is a benign tumor that develops in the womb, which is otherwise called myoma. The structure of the tumor varies from small to the largest size and it may form a single tumor or a cluster.

HPV (Cervical cancer and genital warts): Human Papillomavirus a kind of viral infection targets the reproductive tract. Sexually active men and women experience such infection at least once in their life cycle. HPV increases the risk of cervical cancer and it leads to warts in the genital area which is highly infectious.

Endometriosis: This condition may occur in anyone either teens or young and aged women. It is the condition of the growth of the lining tissues as such in the uterus, the lining tissues form in the Fallopian tubes, ovaries, tissues covering bladder and the rectum.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID): It is an infection occurs in the female reproductive organ. It is one of the severe complications of STD which may do permanent damage to the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. PID might lead to infertility, unless treated properly.

Gynecology Problems Treatment

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