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By Arc Posted On 31-Jan-2018

Infertility is a condition in which a person is not able to conceive regardless of having regular unprotected intercourse. It affects around 1 out of 6 people. When the problem of infertility exists in the female, it is known as female infertility. ARC international fertility and research center is a pioneer name for infertility treatment in Chennai.

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What are the causes of female infertility?

The causes of female infertility are

Ovulation disorders due to hormonal imbalance, tumors, thyroid problem, stress, obesity

Uterine or cervical abnormalities such as polyps in the uterus, uterine fibroids

Damage or blockage in fallopian tubes due to infection, polyps, fibroids, or pelvic inflammatory disease, scar tissues, or genetic defects


Primary ovarian insufficiency

Pelvic adhesion such as pelvic infection, appendicitis, or pelvic surgery

How to diagnosed female infertility?

Female infertility can diagnose by

Blood or urine test

Breast and pelvic examination

Sample testing of cervical mucus and tissue




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What are the treatment options available for female infertility?

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The treatment options available for female infertility are

 Hormonal therapy for hormonal imbalance, endometriosis

 Proper medication for stimulating ovulation

Supplement diet to boost fertility

Antibiotics to eliminate infection

Surgery to remove scar tissues or blockage from uterus, fallopian tubes, or pelvic area

How can the possibility of female infertility reduce?

It is difficult to prevent female infertility that is caused due to any genetic problem. However, a female can do certain things to lower the possibility of infertility, such as

Avoid alcohol

Avoid using banned drugs

Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases

Regularly visit doctor

Maintain good hygiene and health

Maintain weight

Avoid smoking

 Avoid stress

When is a visit to doctor required?

A visit to doctor is required when a female experience

Severe abdominal pain

Abdominal bleeding

Unusual discharge

Pain during intercourse

Itching or soreness


ARC international fertility and research center, Chennai has a good reputation in the field of infertility treatment. The research center has best fertility specialist and provides a proper treatment to make women able to conceive. Their infertility treatments are ethical, credible and performed by their fertility experts. The center provides high-quality patient care and a patient-friendly environment.

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