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Basic Amenities

We at ARC offer

Flat screen monitors are installed , which help you find your way around the hospital. You can also check with our in house reception who would delighted to assist you in finding your way around the hospital or for any information. Self explanatory boards are displayed at the reception , lounge at the hospital to guide you

The Rooms:

The room are , equipped with sufficient storage space, living area comfortable beds with attached bathrooms, abundant space in the lounge , fully furnished. Very cozy environment

The rooms have the basic amenities like, refrigerator, microwave and LED television

Facilities like, laundry, room service, Telephone , Newspapers, E-Buzzer are all attached to the room, Safe & healthy drinking water with adequate filters are provided throughout the hospital, and within the room, (Mineral water is also provided)

Hygiene & safety are key factors taken into consideration, with well equipped security

Support Staff:

Nurses work stations are set up , so that the patients have easy access to information or any requests there may have. Nurse case managers screen their patient in detail at ARC so that this information becomes useful at the time of the patient's discharge. Health managers work closely with the patient, physicians keeping everything under file. Patient's confidentiality is highly respected. Health/nurses managers identify the patient's educational needs and ensure follow-up appointments are made with the patient's primary physician to optimize the continuum of care when returning home.

Patient's Privileges

Patient Relations

We at ARC encourage our patients to interact with our health care managers to answers any questions or concerns that may arise.

Food & Nutrition

Patient In-Room Dining

"Room Service Dinning"

ARC Medical Center, you make take a look at our menu, which is provided for your in your room , Patients are requested to order-in by 8 pm. , otherwise we will have our staff to help you request a meal. Items on the menu are made to order, and assembled by our catering staff and delivered to your room.

Patients can call +91 78 11 999 999 to order in their meals , our service staff members will help you. Please note that meal choices may be restricted by dietary guidelines established by your physician.

Guest In-Room Dining

Patients family or relatives may dine at the cafeteria which is attached at the hospital. They can also order in from the menu. We have the facility , so that you can also pay with your credit card. There are also ATM's around the hospital.

Television & Internet Service

Television and Radio Programming

At ARC we like our patient's to relax so the rooms are equipped with a color television, via satellite. Your will find the TV guide which is provided in the room. ,

Conversion devices can be attached to television sets in patient room for closed-captioned viewing for the hearing impaired. Please contact your nurse if you need this service.

Internet Access

We provide our patients with high-speed internet access, There are certain rules and regulatory norms that are followed with regards to the service.

Telephone Services

Cell Phone Use

Cell phone use is permitted in and around the campus at ARC Hospital Department or Campus Number +91 78 11 999 999

Visiting a Patient

The health and recovery of the patients are important to us, and to add to that we allow visits from family and friends . We at ARC Center consider issues , like adequate rest, privacy security , infection control and confidentiality to patient. Children visiting the hospital are welcomed when appropriate. Our goal is to create a calm quiet , and healing environment.

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