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It is incidental that due to the growing global changes on our planet, for eg. decreased physical activity, obesity, smoking, alcohol, unhealthy food habits and stress, which are associated with all age groups in men & in women about the mature age and the lifestyles that are by choice, which could be one of the causes of Infertility. India has the highest population of infertile couples next to china.

Infertility , could be mostly also health issues with men and women with sexual dysfunction, infertility could be a serious concern for our Indian culture, which could lead to broken marriages, this is were our Consultants Dr. Lakshmanann Saravanan (Andrologist & Sexologist) and Dr. Mahalakshmi Saravanan (Reproductive Specialist) come into the picture of creating the impossible possible with there expertise in the medical field which started at ARC in Perambur helping couples to conceive.

At ARC Research Centre, Dr.Saravanan Lakshmanan & Dr. Mahalaxshmi Sarvanan, have dedicated their life to health care, and considerably with 15 years of experience in the field of medicine and administration in hospital industry. They have taken up the challenge in achieving maximum success in infertility, within the budget, that does not make a hole in your pocket. The center is equipped with state of the art IVF lab administering to world class treatments, and due to this sophisticated, ultra sterile (NASA technology) modernized IVF lab together with the , care and dedication of the Fertility Consultants the success rates are highly remarkable to international standards.

Infertility and sexual dysfunction is a major concern for young couples and is a major social stigma for our Indian culture. It is one of the causes for disruption in married couples. With this back ground and rising trends in infertile population our Fertility Consultants Dr.Lakshmanan Saravanan (Andrologist & Sexologist) and Dr. Mahalakshmi Saravanan (Reproductive Specialist) have started ARC Research Center in Perambur catering to all standards of population.

The vision of ARC Research Centre is

  1. Providing infertility treatment at affordable cost
  2. Continuous enhancement of the standards of care, treatment and quality in Infertility treatment
  3. Bringing all infertility related treatment like Genetic screening, Counseling for stress reduction, Wt management by Dietitian, Sexual dysfunction clinic under one roof
  4. Continuous research in IVF and establishing evidence based treatment for IVF patients.

ARC Research center is a unit of Abhijay Hospital Pvt Ltd. Abhijay Hospital since its inception in 2004 has achieved various mile stones in standards of health care. The hospital has expanded enormously, administering to international patients and treatments in various specialties

The hospital is in continuous expansion and now restructured catering to international patients and treatments in various specialties.

CREATING FAMILIES At ARC, we continuously strive hard to give the best for couples seeking infertility treatments. You will be now going through a registration process. Kindly take time to fill your details in clear bold letters or update in the system provided.In sub fertility treatment, we cannot extend a treatment without the written consent of both the partners, Unless the partner is legally separated or a unmarried single client.Hence we request you to provide a copy of Ration Card / Marriage Certificate / Passport / PAN Card / Aadhar Card / Driving License or equivalent Govt approved identity card. If not available now, the same has to be furnished in the next visit compulsorily.Once the registration form is completed you will be going through a video session. A speech with illustration will be given by one of our Fertility specialists.During the video session you will be given a complete clarity on the need of evaluation, need for medications, screening involved, necessity of screening both partners even though if is associated with one partner and treatments available.After the video session both the partners will be seen by one of the Fertility Specialists (either Dr. Saravanan or Dr. Mahalakshmi Saravanan)  together. We don't see the partner separately. Both the Fertility Specialists can handle male / female infertility issues. If you are particular to see particular specialist, do inform us at the registration Desk / Personal Assistant (Miss.Uma - 9884056738 or Miss.Susi-9884030677), we will arrange to see the particular specialist.After seeing the specialist, you have to move to following options.

  1. Move to Cash Counter and show the lab requisition form. Complete the billing. Move to Lab

Male Partner - Blood & Semen TestFemale Partner – Blood & Scan TestOnce the tests are done go to pharmacy, purchase the medicines by showing your file and your process is completed.

  1. If you want to do the evaluation (Blood / Semen / Scan) at a later time, proceed to pharmacy, purchase the medicines. Schedule your next visit. You can modify your booked / scheduled appointments at your available convenient time by visiting our website www.arcfertility.in or using the following options.
  2. Egmore - Dr. Saravanan or Dr. Mahalakshmi Saravanan
  3. Perambur - Dr. Saravanan Lakshmanan
  4. Perambure - Dr. Mahalakshmi Saravanan

Note : As per doctor's advise all couples are advised to take the adjuvants & pills till the achievement of pregnancy.  To assist you, further we can send the medicines by courier.Kindly collect our bank details at the pharmacy counter. You can co-ordinate with Ms. Uma @9884056738, for reaching the medicines of your doorstep and u can credit the medicine  bill in our available bank accounts. Also using the following link toget the bank details.

We try our best to satisfy and fulfil your requirements.

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Do share your suggestions / feedback to our consultants directly to MD@arcfertility.in (or) drop in the suggestions box placed in front of cash counter.

Thank  u for giving us on opportunity to assist you. 

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